LIFESTYLE: Six (6) golden ways to get a guy’s attention


You’ve been crushing on that guy at work, haven’t you? He’s pretty cute and seems pretty nice, but you don’t know how you can get his attention.

Well, I’ve taken the responsibility to compile a list of things you can do to make sure that he at least knows you exist (and maybe, get him to flirt with you).

1. Pick a Quiet Time to Get His Attention

Men can be workaholics — usually, much more than women. If he’s concentrating hard on something, or there are a ton of distractions, you won’t be able to sufficiently get his attention. If he’s working, let him work! If you catch him looking at you, however, then smile back at him, but nothing more. That’s for later.

2. Find an Excuse to Chat With Him

Don’t chat with him for no reason at all — if you’re at school, work, or just shopping, think of a legitimate question to ask. Men love to answer things that they know. Men like to feel like they’re in charge; if you give him a good excuse to help you, the better.

So if you’re struggling with something, don’t be afraid to ask him for help! It’s always a great way to get the conversation going.

3. Remember How to Flirt!

Flirting is going to be your secret weapon to really getting his attention. Talking to him isn’t even enough anymore — you really need to stand out. And the best way to stand out? Touch him within five seconds of talking to him.

That’s right. Touching is probably the biggest way to flirt with a guy. So as he helps you with your issue, don’t be afraid to thank him while touching his arm in the process.

This physical indicator is very memorable, and I guarantee you he’ll start paying much more attention to you if you do this as often as you can. 

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Dress For Him!

This is pretty self-explanatory. Just remember that men are much more impressionable when you’re wearing something hot.

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But here’s a little secret. The hotter you dress, the more hard to get you should act. That will make him want you even more.

5. Get Close to Him!

Yes, just like touching, proximity is important to turn him on and get his attention. So when you’re talking to him, stand a little closer to him. Make eye-contact with him. Get a little more intimate with him (without getting intimate, of course). And smile!

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6. Ask Him What His Plans Are For the Weekend

Ask him what he’s doing later or on the weekend. This will drop a big hint that you’re somewhat interested in what he does outside of wherever you regularly see him. And from this, he’ll assume you’re interested in him.

So ask him questions that are a little more personal!

Timmy Samchel (Am A Lethal)


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