Long Distance To “ART” centers Increasing Mortality Rate



Observing this year’s World Aids Day With the theme “Right to Health,” Divine Mother and Child Foundation an NGO based in Koforidua has called on policy makers to link Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) centers, to Community Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS).

In addressing the press, Mr. Owurani Charles Oduro, Programs Manager for the foundation said, linking ART centers to CHPS will ensure progress in ART adherence within the country.

He mentioned that despite the improved and highly successful programmatic coverage with ART, significant numbers of adults and children drop out of care along the treatment pathway.

He mentioned that treatment  gains, fail to reach sufficient numbers of children and adolescents as a result of this.

He explained that, failure to follow-up on patients receiving treatment and long distance to ART centres, can result in serious consequences such as drug toxicity, treatment failure due to poor adherence, and drug resistance which results in an increased risk of mortality.

Mr. Oduro therefore appealed to policy makers and stakeholders to ensure a strong linkage of ART centers to CHPS for adequate follow-up to Persons’ Living with HIV.




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