Maame Dokono says the supposed daughter of Rawlings who claims she helped her escape is mad


During the funeral of late former President, Jerry John Rawlings, a 52-year-old woman called Abigail Rawlings Mawutor emerged and claimed that she’s the daughter of the former head of state.

She disclosed in an exclusive interview with SVTV Africa that she had to hide her identity due to the fear of elimination, as advised by former TV host and actress Grace Omaboe aka Maame Dokono.

According to her, after revealing who she was to Maame Dokono, the latter gave her money to leave the country in 2003 for fear of being assassinated.

“Maame Dokono knows about this. In 2003, I paid her a visit and told her about my story, but she told me if I don’t keep quiet about it I may die. So she gave me money and I left the country,” Abigail told host, Ayisha.

Well, Maame Dokono has finally loosed her tongue on allegations levelled against her by Mrs Mawutor Rawlings.

Speaking in an interview with Fiffi Prat on Kingdom FM, she said she does not know this supposed daughter of the late president from anywhere.

She vehemently denied that she has never met or heard of her before so it’s clear the lady has mental problems.

Watch the video below:


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