Make arrest and punish clubs for hooliganism, don’t target referees


Retired referee and match commissioner, Mark Amadeor has called on the disciplinary committee of the FA to punish clubs for supporters’ misbehavior and stop using referees as a scapegoat for causing a bad image for the local league.

Speaking on Kumasi-based radio station Kessben FM, he noted that if clubs are being punished enough compared to referees who are given several degrees of suspensions, hooliganism in our league centers will end.

“I won’t blame the police so much because they are not many at the match venues and If there is club violence, how can the police tackle the situation. But what I’m pleading that the police should at least arrest a single person to set an example and If a person is jailed for one week I think that violence will stop,” he told Kesben FM.

Mr. Amedeor also applauded the referees for doing their best based on intimidation at some league centres.

“I will give the referees who are officiating 85%, {because} they have done their best, let’s do away with intimidation, violence, bad perception about referees and give them confidence, build their morale and we will have different and good referees”.

“We have about four top-class referees who will not officiate for the rest of the season, which is very harsh but that is the law, just a single mistake, and that punishment will serve as a deterrent for their colleagues,” he concluded.


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