Making ‘WEED’ a legal commodity will see Africa become the richest continent — Sister Derby

Sister Derby

Many notable Ghanaians have added their voices to call for the legalization of weed which will in turn help generate a lot of foreign exchange for Ghana and Africa as a whole. 

And the latest campaigner for this move happens to be sister of Wanlov da Kubolor, Deborah Vanessa. According to Deborah, the legalization of marijuana would help raise huge amounts of money that can make Africa a global superpower. 

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Many countries the world over have legalized the herb for both medicinal and recreational purposes and it is raking in a lot of cash for them. However, Africa who continues to ‘demonize’ it are missing out on the benefited being derived by others. 

Just recently, Uganda in East African landed a multi-million dollar marijuana contract with Canada. And this is just an example of some of the benefits Ghana as a country can benefit from its exportation if it is legalized, contrary to the perception that Ghana will become a crime hub if marijuana is legalized. 

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Deborah Vanessa took to Twitter to preach that Ghana should legalize weed and reap benefits from it. 

Check out her post below…

Sister Derby


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