Many women will die of hunger if married men decide to remain faithful to their wives – Slay queen

Slay Queen

A social media slay queen has spoken the truth which will be a hard pill for some to swallow.

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In a post on social media, she disclosed that once married men begin to remain faithful to their wives, many women would go hungry.

Being a slay queen these days has become fashionable and a lot of these young ladies, although jobless, live luxerious lives.

And it is no secret that their main source of livelihood depend on men who are already married and are seeking pleasures elsewhere.

In liue of this, a Nigerian slay queen identified as Steflon Sonia has stated that 85% of ladies will die of hunger if married men become faithful to their wives.

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Her post reads: “I swear if married men in Nigeria become faithful 85% of the ladies will die of hunger”.


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