Meet beautiful young female shoe maker who makes shoes for a living

Female shoe maker

Some professions have been tagged as fit for male only in society, so when a woman decides to break the status-quo to take up such professions, she is chastised by some, and lauded by others. 

However, whether she is chastised or not, the passion to succeed in her chosen field is a very important factor in determining how successful she becomes. has come across a post on Facebook from Ghanaian hiplife artiste and political activist Kwame A-Plus. In his post, he shared pictures of a young hardworking woman producing neatly produced handmade leather shoes for sale. 

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He wrote “Meet the young hard working lady who produces shoes. She pays her school fees and takes care of her younger ones with the job.”

Her reasons for taking up shoe making as a profession is not immediately known. However, she should be an inspiration to all the young women out there who would rather want to use “what their mama gave them” to make a living, than to do something “profitable” with their lives. 

This young woman produces shoes  for a living and uses the proceeds to pay her school fees and take care of her siblings. 

See post below; 



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