Meet “inspiring” female vulcanizer, Sandra Sam

Sandra Sam (Female vulcanizer)
Sandra Sam (Female vulcanizer)

Some things, they say, are for men only. Probably that’s a half truth, because the 21st century woman has done a lot, which puts a lot of question marks on this notion. chanced upon a very motivating video of a young female vulcanizer on instagram. It is not certain if this young lady, Sandra Sam, is under apprenticeship or has completed her period of training. But what ever it is, this woman needs to be applauded for this brave step. 

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In the video, she explained that she was a guard at a security company. Unfortunately for her, the company lost their contract and she was laid off. Not wanting to stay at home, she took that bold decision to venture into vulcanizing. 

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Sandra Sam works at the Airport Shell lube. You might probably want to pass by to have a puncture fixed for you one of these days. 

Watch video below; 

Credit: ronnie_is_every_where


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