Meet young Ghanaian betting ‘god’ Oswald who is currently trending Number One on Twitter

Oswald the betting 'god'

A young Ghanaian, Oswald with the nickname “Betting god” has become an overnight “celebrity” in Ghana; and it’s because he is dropping betting tips for those who have interest is Sports betting.  

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And in a matter or hours, Oswald trended on number 1 of Twitter Ghana trends.  He has become an instant “Star” as almost everyone on Twitter seems to be talking about Oswald the betting “god”.

And in a surprise move, over 40,000 Ghanaian youths have hurriedly joined his Telegram channel where he drops the betting tips for massive wins.

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We can confidently declare Oswald as the man of the moment on Twitter. And it’s because of his ability to drop “accurate” betting tips for massive wins.

See some tweets about him below…


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