Miss Malaika Queen contemplates suicide on social media amidst signs of depression and drug abuse

Evelyn Nyaasemhwe
Miss Evelyn Nyaasemhwe (1st Runner-Up Miss Malaika 2018)
Evelyn Nyaasemhwe
Miss Evelyn Nyaasemhwe (1st Runner-Up Miss Malaika 2018)

Miss Evelyn Nyaasemhwe, first runner up in last year’s Miss Malaika Beauty pageant has taken to social media to vent her worries including thoughts of suicide. 

Evelyn seems depressed and needs attention to keep her away from attempting anything suicidal. Because in a series of posts, she expressed her readiness to die. And it’s in relation to her experience with a man or men. 

She tweeted “Sometimes, I want to die but my mother would be broken”.

In other tweets, the Miss Malaika Beauty Queen has also disclosed that she heavily depends on drugs in her situation, with a hint of abusing some tablets. 

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She even wrote “How many sleeping pills for need to take before its? I’ve taken 2 already and I’m still up”.

“I’m high as kite Lmaooo” “once again, I’m bat sh*t high”, she added. 

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Evelyn has also plainly stated that she needs a therapist because her panic and anxiety attacks are becoming too frequent.

Credit: Pulse.com.gh


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