Most respected radio presenters act as Pimps for our female celebrities – Ola Michael

Ola Michael
                            Ola Michael

Popular entertainment critic, Ola Michael has dropped a bomb as he has stated that many radio presenters are pimps to for Ghanaian Celebrities. 

This comes as a top up to what notorious Snapchat user, Fatp*sy has been revealing in the past week about how most Ghanaian celebrities are into prostitution. 

According to the actor, Ola Michael, what most Ghanaians don’t know is that the presenters we most revere are the same people acting as Pimps and selling our celebrities to rich men for money. 

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Ola Michael has also stated that the unknown person behind the Snapchat account dropping the exposés is a man, not a woman as he has made us to believe. 

In other news, Fatp*sy has moved to Telegram after the account got hacked for the 4th time. 

Read Ola Michael’s full exposé below 



I met this girl at zylofon fm for the first time. I watched her speak for hours and I could tell something wasn’t right about her. I don’t remember exactly what I told her but one thing I remember saying to her was this things she was saying and doing are not new and I know how it would end. She talks more than she listens. 

Ladies and gentlemen I have been following the supposed expose from a faceless but real Snapchat guy bi. He uses female names for his ID. He’s releasing a whole lot of stuff about these so called SLAY QUEENS.If you have not been in the business before, you wouldn’t understand what’s is going on. But unfortunately for me, I understand. When a pimp get f***ked in the ass, he burns everyone. It’s the nuisance of the trade. 

We have consistently promoted some lazy, empty headed girls on social media and mainstream media, all in the name of showbiz. Yes, it is showbiz!They use these platforms provided them to expand their digital whoredom marketing. The more we write about them, talk about them, or even insult them, the more clients they get both from within and without. 

Let be frank and tell the truth to Ghanaians and the observers around the globe. These ladies are professional prostitutes, right from some supposed A-List actors to wanna be actors, Rosemond brown kinda Models, and struggling to find place actors like Efia ?d?! They are selling their bodies for money. Most of the guys you revere on radio and TV are pimps of these ladies. I’m sorry to be blunt!

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Their clientele is so widespread; from Ghanaian game boys to politicians , both corrupt and semi corrupt, businessmen- both genuine and non genuine, drug dealers, conmen et Al. The recent booming and high paying clients are in Dubai. The Dubai spenders prefer to have anal sex. They don’t do the natural sex! They want it from the back. 

They work with some Ghanaian pimps and naija pimps, to book flights and accommodation for these slaying prostitutes and actors. They take them on spending spree, after days of sex. The ladies will take all the pictures but will never show who they are with. The pimps don’t want to be seen. 

Hitherto, Nigerian corrupt men, oil businessmen, music and film makers and promoters, were the highest paying. These would airlift our most popular actors with their private Jets and rented Jets for weekend sex. Some actors who have benefitted from this business are very popular and well respected. This is not hearsay. This is truth corroborated by evidence and witnesses. 

Some of the men from naija who come for business trips in Ghana, would rent expensive hotel suites, get the pimps to get the ladies for them, and have fun with our celebrated actresses. They pay them from $200 to $20000, depending on the lady’s bargaining strength and pimp’s rate card. Some get more than that while others are able to exchange sex for flashy cars and houses. 

Unfortunately, this is how those ladies survive and live up to that life you expect of them. They are not just actors or musicians but TV program hosts, news readers etc. But the clients always prefer popular ladies. Those who have been written about or talked about. This business is not just active in Ghana but also across the world of entertainment, from Lagos to Port Harcourt, to Accra, to Dakar et al. While the female celebs are getting Ass f**ked and gang f**ked, the guys chase after divorced women, cheating women and ladies obsessed with having sex with celebs, in exchange for cash.

Some male celebs, are also taken on gay sex trips across the world. They get bonked in the ass! Yes, gang bonking has higher rates than one on one.Have you wondered why almost all of these slay queens has acting or modelling as their professions when they have not had a speaking role in any film before? 

That is the key. So bloggers will pick the line, without asking which film has made her an actress, and start calling her as such. Comrade, the clients want popular people. The reason is simple! If you are popular and engaging in this professional prostitution, you are concerned about your image. That means you will not expose them as by so doing, you stand to be exposed the more.most of these girls, are abused sexually, physically and verbally but they can’t talk about it. 

Who are you going to tell? That is the reason why the clients choose actresses and you need to have been written about! That is all you need. 

Now, to the A-List actress who left her VS panties at a hotel after business and went back for it from the front desk executives with such an arrogant posture, I greet you black beauty. 






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