Mr. Eventuarry parts ways with his manager over money issues


Popular comic taxi driver, Mr. Eventuarry, has parted ways with his manager over issues concerning money. 

His manager has since confirmed that they are no more business partners.

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Commenting on the issue, Mr. Eventuarry stated that his former manager was cheating him, claiming that he was taking the money he made “for vanishing”.

It all began when the duo got into a misunderstanding over money’s they made during a show in Nigeria; and this made his manager, Theo Wade to delete Mr Evetuarry’s Instagram account.

“The plan was to make money so we can share it, like take your part and let me take my part, but I never heard that. Every day the money will be vanishing for me. The way I was trending, people thought I had money but I had nothing because he took all the money for vanishing”

“The only reason why I sacked him was because after we returned from Nigeria, he started complaining to my Reverend that I disrespected him. I know I didn’t disrespect him because I respect people no matter their age”, he added.  

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Mr. Eventuarry became famous after a viral video of his contagious laughter hit the internet.


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