My career has dwindled because producers have sidelined me – Mr. Beautiful admits

Mr. Beautiful
Mr. Clement Bonney a.k.a. Mr. Beautiful
Mr. Beautiful
      Mr. Clement Bonney a.k.a. Mr. Beautiful

Ghanaian Actor, Clement Bonney a.k.a Mr. Beautiful has admitted that his career has dwindled tremendously because movie producers have decided to sideline him. 

Speaking to Kofi Adomaa on Kofi TV, Mr. Beautiful stated that the action by these producers has denied his fans the chance to be entertained by him in local movies. 

He added that his sideline has equally affected the movie industry largely because it has reduced the excitement a viewer needs to derive from watching the local movies. 

He said, “It has affected me because my fans don’t have the chance to enjoy me and it has also affected movie productions because it has affected the quality content that viewers need to see”. 

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Mr. Beautiful further stated that government’s abysmal performance is to blame largely for the collapse of the movie industry; although movie producers and actors had a hand in its collapse.

“50% is from the government, 25% from both actors and actresses and 25% from production,” he said. 

Mr. Beautiful then touched on the use of vulgar language in some local movies. He indicated that this has also contributed largely to low patronage of the local movies. 

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“In Kumasi, the use of words like fool, animal, etc are seen as normal and not an insult but when it comes to Accra, Central, North, and you use these words, it’s a big issue. I started telling them that these vulgar words we are entertaining in the movies will affect us along the way but they didn’t agree with me” he said.



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