My Fruitless Journey To Buy A Laptop From Mantoh – It’s All A Dream


I’ve traded a couple of times on OLX (now jiji) and Tonaton and I must admit that it went well considering the number of fraudulent cases reported by people who have used the apps before and that is why I won’t be shaky to do a similar trade on Facebook. But everything in this story was all a dream though the names used are real people I know in life.

I saw an Ad on Facebook on a laptop which is up for sale on a friend’s timeline. Though I don’t know Asu Mantoh in real life, we’ve been Facebook friends for only God knows how long. In fact, Mantoh is one of the few friends who will hit the like button any time he sees my post. So I didn’t hesitate to contact him when I saw the Ad on his wall. We had a chat on Facebook Messenger and sooner than later I had to freshen up and meet him to do business.

On my route to meet Mantoh an accident occurred in my presence when a motorbike hit a tricycle leaving its occupants in bruises. Eyewitnesses at the scene had no sympathy to either take the casualties to a nearby health facility or call the ambulance service.

I’ve always had a bad discretion of seeing blood ooze out so I immediately went into a state of insanity, didn’t know what to do at the material time. I became dumbfounded when the people around started beating the hell out of the motorbike rider. They, therefore, issued a strong warning to me not to give any help to anyone involved in the accident as though they knew an old lady who sustained injuries would come to me for help.

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The sympathy in me held me back but I was afraid to lose my life if I dare do otherwise. Well, I had no choice but to continue with my journey. Meanwhile, Mantoh’s number was out of coverage area which became a big worry to me because my life was in danger at the time. The only option I had left was to ask people about the direction he gave me in my inbox through Facebook messenger.

In my quest to ask for direction, four strange people comprising of young men and women approached me in an attempt to dupe me but it proved futile upon my insistence not to have a word with any of them. This is because I’ve seen a lot of this on the street of Kasoa.

One of the four resorted to threatening me by telling a friend (whom I’ve not met in my previous encounter with the first four) that it can end badly for me like they did to someone a time ago.

Thank goodness, I met a friend I’ve known for close to a decade but that was the beginning of my trauma. I called out his name in a loud tone (Spanky! Spanky!! Spanky!!!) because we’ve always been like that since. However, his appearance this time was quite strange because he had his hair died in blue and green colors.

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When I reached out to him, I saw him exchange weapons with another guy when I thought we could have a word, he rather told the people around to attack me. I had a little cash, my iPhone 8+, and a backpack containing a laptop and a router to access the Internet if the need arises.

Another bell saved me again but this put me in more deadly danger. The town folks were as crazy as any terrible killer in a movie you’ve seen before. A gunshot flew in the air as a warning shot to ward off attempts by the town folks to fight the well-built men in military uniforms, wielding AK-47 rifles, pistols, and other accouterments making them battle-ready to bring sanity to the town.

Per, the conversations I heard people have, a good school in the town had its cadet practice a march pass and engaged in a simulation exercise but the town folks pick a fight with the cadet instructors (One instructor was my elderly brother, Abekah) which forced the school authorities to call for reinforcement from the military base, knowing very well that the town folks are rowdy and hooligans.

Now, it’s about time to run for my life for embarking on the fruitless journey to meet my Facebook friend, Mantoh. The military men started firing rubber bullets, tear gases into the air in an attempt to disperse the stubborn town folks who relentlessly fought back the mighty army in Olive Green and Camouflages.

The sad thing is that there was no way I could approach the military and explain my ordeal to them. God being-so-good, I saw my elderly brother, Richard Abekah but he will also not have time to listen to me because it’s wartime and it has nothing to do with family once the high command has given orders to them. So again, I had to find my way out to the main road and pick a taxi back to my roots.

In my struggle to find a way out, one tear gas was fired at my direction, so I quickly grabbed a sachet of water, removed my black Adidas T-shirt, and soaked it to cover my nose and face. Interestingly some little children were also running helter-skelter for survival and one of them mastered the courage to snatch the remaining water from me without asking rudely or politely. Though I was furious about his action, there was no time for me to teach courtesies on a battle field.

Luckily for me, I saw two soldiers and this time round I needed to ask them for direction to the main road but they asked for me to be searched to ascertain whether am involved in the fraudulent activities in the town or involved in other related cyber crimes.

I was very confident this time because I’ve not been involved in anything like that from Adam, so I went to them for the search to be conducted and was given the green light to pick a taxi back home. Perhaps someone has experienced a similar situation inna real life before and I’ll be very glad to hear your story but until then, stay safe and do legitimate business.


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