National Film Authority to sanction TV Stations Showing Telenovelas without Approval


The National Film Authority in a public announcement has indicated that all TV stations that have the licence to show Telenovelas and other documentaries shall seek the approval of the regulatory body for at least 21 days for their exhibition.

The communique further indicates that failure on the part of stakeholders will attract a hefty sanction from the Film Authority as per the Offences and Penalties in section 27 of the Development and Classification of Film Act 935.

The airing of unclassified contents has become rampant on most national televisions across the country in the past few years which have affected the local film industry who have failed woefully to produce the best of contents to compete with foreign films.

It is in lieu of this that the regulatory body has seen the need to intervene in the best possible way to assist content producers in the West-African country, Ghana, to seize the showing of all unclassified contents, effective May 1st.


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