Nigel Gaisie will dare not mention my name ever again – MzBel fumes


Controversial female musicians MzBel has disclosed that the differences between herself and Prophet Nigel Gaisie have been resolved; however, there’s still something that remains unchanged.

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She made this revelation during an exclusive interview on the ‘Uncut Show’ where she said that the fact that their issues have been thrashed does not mean that Nigel can mention her name again.

She pointed out that her words tagging the leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel as a foolish and filthy boy still holds.

It will be recalled that MzBel threatened to expose Prophet Gaisie some months ago if he failed to compensate her.

She took to Facebook to write; “Nigel seriously by the end of next week if I don’t get the compensation we all agreed on at the last meeting with your people, I swear on my ancestors, I will proceed with my legal action and the whole world will get to know with total evidence why you’ve been asked to compensate me! Foolish filthy boy!”

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However, she has disclosed that everything has been settled.

She stated that although she has vowed not to speak ill about the prophet again, she stated that she is ever ready to support anyone who will suffer in the hands of Prophet Nigel Giasie.


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