Nurses and Staff Walkout at Ankafo Hospital

A decision has been taken by the Ministry of Health on Friday to end the longstanding deadlock that has affected healthcare delivery at the Ankafo Psychiatric Hospital, following the removal of Dr. Eugene Dordoye as medical director of the hospital.
Action was taken by nurses and physician assistance on February 14 to stay away from work till their demand for Dr.Dordoye to be removed on claims of mismanagement and recalcitrant attitude towards staff.
An emergency meeting was held by the Health Minister, Dr. Kwaku Agyemang Manu, in Accra to resolve the issue and confirmed the removal of Dr. Dordoye.
The staff stressed that their fundamental human rights were being downplayed upon by the medical director and continuously disrespected staff in the presence of patients and relatives including student nurses.
Public Relations Officer of the nurses, Emmanuel Ofori, on Friday morning told the media that they were not going to honor the invitation to meet with officials of the Ministry of Health owing to the fact that, the meeting was being held in Accra.
Mr. Ofori added, “it is not to approve their request but to negotiate with the team again, since this is not the first of its kind, being called to Accra”.
The medical director Dr. Dordoye has denied being removed from his position and stated that, his appointment came with an official letter and so having not received any letter on the decision terminating his appointment, he will still be at his position as medical director.
The nurses and the staffs have refused to return to work until an official announcement is made by the sector minister.
By: Robert Juwle Dueh | | Ghana


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