Our Society’s Personality Watch: Profile and interview with young Ghanaian rapper, Gingsen

                    Ghanaian Rapper Gingsen

societywatch.net caught up with budding young talented musician Gingsen, who is a rapper, singer and a song writer. 

Gingsen has a great passion to make it to the top, as can be seen from his stage craft and enthusiasm. This young chap reps Bolgatanga and is sure to take Ghana’s rap industry by storm in the next few years.

Read the transliteration of our interview with him below; 

SW: Hello there. 

Gingsen: Hi bro, wasup? 

SW: Cool, Gingsen. Tell us a bit about yourself. 

Gingsen: My full name is Wilbeck M. Bormeh, born to Mr. Charles Yosana Bormeh and Mrs. Theresa Basiebon. I have three elder siblings who I look up to and we hail from Lawra in the Upper West Region of Ghana. 

Age wise, I’m pretty young, I’m 18 and not married although I’m dating. 

SW: Gingsen, why the name Gingsen and how come you chose Gingsen?

Gingsen: It was actually given to me by a local guitarist and a few of my mum’s friends even before I was born at a picnic where they met. It’s a very long story so I would skip that for today.

But I choose the name because I felt it was very unique. I also felt that since a lot of people where I am already knew me as Gingsen, I should just flow with the ride. 

The name inspires me just like the Chinese root “Ginseng” to dig deeper, learn more and explore everything about music.

SW: Ok. How would you describe yourself? 

Gingsen: Well, Wilbeck is a very down to earth person, especially with regard to how I feel regarding anything dear to myself; mostly the music and family. I’m also a lover of good music irrespective of genre, plus I love creative arts soo much; it inspires me.


SW: Tell us a bit about your education 

Gingsen: I am a 2017 year old boy of Gowrie Senior High School. I read General Arts with history, french, economics and literature in English as my electives. 

I hope to proceed to the University to read Journalism.

SW: Great, so how did it all start for you? I mean the music thing; how long have you been doing this?

Gingsen: I started at a very young age. As early as 10, I used to record myself with tapes, then I graduated to recording on my personal computer. But Professionally, it’s been 4years.

SW: How did the interest for music begin? 

Gingsen: The music has always been a part of me, growing up in family of musicians (my mum’s a Chorister) and my elder sibling (a rapper). Also, I think the passion grew stronger as a result of listening to music heavily. 

SW: Oh ok. Which record label are you signed to? 

Gingsen: I’m signed to a Ghanaian based Record label called Bozawi Entertainment, based in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region. 

SW: How would you describe the music industry in Ghana as an upcoming artiste?

Gingsen: My personal visualization of the music industry in Ghana as an upcoming artiste is the fact that it takes more efforts than normal to make it to the limelight. 

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Also, the right structures to enable upcoming acts get royalties for their music so as to help finance their projects are not in place, unlike other countries like the USA etc. 

SW: You’ve hit on a very important point which the leadership of the music body in Ghana should take serious. Ohk, so which artistes do you look up to in the music industry? 

Gingsen: I would say Ghanaian music Duo R2bees. I’m greatly inspired by Omar sterling as well. But I’m also inspired by world acts like Drake, JCole, Nas, Jay Z, Wizkid, Burna boy, Jayso and EL. 

SW: What has been the highlight of your career as an artiste so far?

Gingsen: Wow! In this short career soo far, I’ll say it was my performance at Kuami Eugene’s #RockstarConcert! Aside that I’ve had a few endorsements from a few industry guys like Jayso, Ko-Jo Cue, Lil Shaker, tulenkey and Maccasio. 

SW: Do you have any projects out there? Are you planing on releasing a single or album anytime soon?

Gingsen: Yep, I have my newest single out now. It’s titled “RockYuhBoat” plus I have up to 4 Singles out there already. 

I’ll be dropping my first mixtape this year by his Grace and probably visuals will follow very soon. 

SW: How far do you want your music to go? 

Gingsen: I Hope to touch and impact the entire world with my music in the next 4 – 5 years and be an inspiration to other young people, not necessarily musicians. I‘ll be dropping my first Project (Ep) this year 2019 God willing.

SW: Good. So what is that one thing that people don’t know about you? Tell us. 

Gingsen: Ohk, one thing most people don’t know about me is that during my music composition processes, I mostly play my own beats [smiles]

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SW: Well, most musicians do [giggles]. Are you on social media? Any handles your fans out there can follow you on? 

Gingsen: Definitely, I’m on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

Follow me on Twitter handle @Gingsen_

My Instagram page is same, @Gingsen_

Follow this link to go through my SoundCloud Artiste Profile (https://soundcloud.com/ging-sen)

My Facebook friends list is already filled up so I can’t accept no more friends but you can still follow me on Facebook at GingsenOfficial. 

Don’t hesitate to hit my mail up anytime at gingsenonline@gmail.com 

SW: Thanks so much for your time Gingsen. We can only wish you well in your career. The sky is just your starting point. Go for it bruh!! 

Gingsen: Thanks societywatch too for the opportunity to lecture people about myself. It’s a pleasure. 


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