Pataapa’s Europe Tour promoter regrets working with him over poor work ethics


The brain behind Patapaa’s recent Europe Tour, Nana Amoako of Young Mission Entertainment, has stated that he has regretted working with Patapaa because he’s an ungrateful human being. 

Pataapa recently took his music to Europe in a tour and amidst a successful tour, it didn’t go down without it’s own share of controversies. 

And when he got back, he decided to shun the media men who were waiting at the airport to get his reaction on some pertinent issues that transpired during his tour. 

Patapaa, during a recent interview, even accused his Europe Tour promoter of lying to him. He had threatened to take legal action against him if he doesn’t bring him the rest of his money. 

But in a rebuttal, the promoter Nana Amoako has since described Patapaa as an ungrateful artiste. He made this known during an interview with DJ Nyaami on ‘We Dey Vibe’ on SVTV Africa. 

Nana Amoako explained that, the rest of the money owed Pataapa and his management team is not to be paid by him, but a different promoter in Norway. 

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However, because he brokered the deal between Pataapa, his team and the said promoter in Norway, that is why Pataapa is accusing him of lying. 

Moreover, Nana Amoako is disappointed at how Patapaa is going about everything and has stated that he (Patapaa) could have used a different and better approach especially considering all the good stuffs he has done for Pataapa for free.

“Initially I didn’t want to work with Patapaa but I changed my mind later. I’ve done lots of work for Patapaa for free, so if by any chance there is a money issue, which I told you I’ll sort you out even if the Norway promoter refuses to pay, you shouldn’t go out there and be tarnishing my image”, Nana said. 

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Patapaa is an ungrateful artist and I regret working with him, this will be the last time I’ll be working with him,” he added.

He further stated that during their tour in Europe, Patapaa gave him a lot of trouble but he decided to overlook it and move on because he has a lot of respect for artistes whether big or small.

“Tell you what, Patapaa gave me a lot of trouble while in Europe but out of respect for artists, we didn’t say anything because it’s part of the business so we just overlooked it and moved on”.

Nana Amoako has since promised to pay Patapaa the rest of the money by the close of the week. That is irrespective of whether the Norwegian promoter brings the money or not. 

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