Patapaa to stop performing ‘Skopatomana’ on stage due to issues



Popular hiplife artist, Justice Amoah, aka Patapaa has cut links with ‘Daavi ne ba’ hitmaker, Kawoula Biov, saying he (Patapaa) is done and will not perform his part of the trending song on any stage again. 

Patapaa feels betrayed because his only crime was to accept Kawoula’s invitation to help make a danceable hit song. But due to what he describes as the ungrateful nature of Kawoula, he will no longer promote the song on any platform. 

“I will never perform with the song again, I don’t even want to hear the song again and I don’t even want to hear his songs in my ears again because when someone does something for you, you have to show gratitude. So if you are going about insulting me that what I did has no sense in it, I would be frank, I am very hurt. It’s okay if my willingness to help him has turned against me,” Patapaa bemoaned. 

It will be recalled that Kawoula initially took to the media to express his disappointment in Patapaa for failing to give him credit as well as recognize him as the brain behind the song anytime he was on stage. 

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Patapaa remained silent on the matter but appeared to have had enough of the ‘insults’ as he hit back in a recent interview. And according to Patapaa, he has never ‘stolen’ any song as is being alleged by Kawoula Biov and members of his management team.

“I want Ghanaians to understand that I have never stolen his song. It is just Ghanaians who love me and decided to start a challenge with my part of the song. I have so many songs of my own so I won’t take credit for someone’s song,” he stated. 

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The ‘One Corner’ hitmaker further advised upcoming artists to show gratitude if a ‘big’ artist decides to jump on their song and make it a hit. 

“I want to tell the upcoming artistes that if you get someone on your song and he makes it a hit, you should thank God,” he said. 



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