PATHETIC: Tema Motorway floods after hours of moderate downpour

Tema Motorway floods after hours of moderate downpour

As Chairman General of Peace FM’s morning show always says, “Ghanaians are always wiser after the tragedy”.  

Well, it’s quiet sad that a menace which has bugged us for years and resulted in the loss of precious lives and property worth millions of Ghana Cedis keeps on reoccurring. 

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It is as if we are clueless about what to do to solve this perennial issue of flooding. 

Yes! Many have blamed our leaders over the years, but I will say leadership contributes on 20% to these mishaps; the rest falls on the citizenry. 

It is only when we begin to change our attitude towards certain things that Ghana will start getting better. 

For the Tema motorway to flood after some hours of moderate rainfall didn’t just happen. It has taken years of constant recalcitrance and neglect to happen. 

The Accra-Tema motorway became temporarily unusable in the afternoon after a portion of the road got flooded from a few hours of rain. 

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Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports coming from the Kasoa enclave also has it that 3 cars have been carried away by floods.

No wonder American President Donald Trump referred to African countries as ‘sh*thole’. 


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