Politicians are all the same; it’s a waste of time rapping about the economy – Sarkodie

Ghanaian Rapper Sarkodie
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Award winning rapper Sarkodie has revealed the reason behind his decision to stop releasing songs about the economy. 

Many have interpreted that he doesn’t release such songs anymore because ‘his party’, the New Patriotic Party is in power. 

Sarkodie (real name Michael Owusu Addo) took to social media in a number of tweets to explain that it’s not because he is a member of the NPP. He stated that it’s because he has found a better way to channel his grievances about the economy; especially as it is frustrating repeating the same things. 

He further stated that he didn’t force the songs, but they just came to him. 

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In 2014, Sarkodie released a song, ‘Inflation’, which was a direct jab at the then President John Dramani Mahama over the state of Ghana’s economy. 

He followed it up with a song about the terrible power crisis, Dumsor, that hit the country in 2015.

His tweets read: “Reason I don’t follow our political parties: I think as soon as they get in power, they change! Personal gains become the order of the day … No one is ready to sacrifice long term for the people and it’s Sad”.

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“People keep asking? Sark why you not talking about the economy? You are NPP right … No!!! I’m not but sometimes it gets frustrating repeating same things you say but I have a better route to go about it … and plus those songs came to me I didn’t force them”.

I visited The legend Apostle Kojo Safo Kantanka???????? few days ago and I was amazed!!!! So I didn’t know he offered to solve Dumsor … Before y’all come at me with y’all comment, why are we (the government x the people) not giving him the chance to ??

We all guilty… Way forward… the next generation should think different 

My mum plus my aunts are of the old school… there’s nothing you can say to them to change their minds about their party but we the young ones should think different! We must question… The power is in our hands 

I just want everyone to be ok at least with the basics ????????

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