Promiscuity on the rampage because of too many love songs – Diana Hopeson

Diana Hopeson
           Diana Hopeson

Legendary Ghanaian gospel musician Diana Hopeson has said that the increasing number of love songs being produced is the reason for the rise in promiscuity in the country. 

The former President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) explained that she is not against the production of love songs, but believes that there should be checks on the content. 

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Diana Hopeson who was speaking on the Daybreak Hitz show on Hitz FM with Andy Dosty said that, “The love they are talking about, you can tell that there is some promiscuity around it.”

She further stated that artistes in their album may have other songs but, mostly like to promote the love songs on the album. 

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The veteran musician raised concern that as a country with majority of the citizens being in the youth bracket, some of these love songs rather promote promiscuity which leads to teenage pregnancy.

Diana Hopeson said that she has nothing against love songs because they play an integral role in every marriage or relationship, but the way musicians are doing it now calls for some attention.

The veteran gospel musician also advised that such songs be aired within specific times of the day, to limit their reach to the younger generation.

“You see that the child is ignorant about it but that is what he or she is hearing,” she said.




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