Ras Mubarak’s Ex-wife, Rasheeda Adams – The Modern-day Jezebel, Gold-digger, Social Media Feminist And Backbiter?


There are three sides to Ras Mubarak and his ex-wife, Rasheeda Adams‘ divorce brouhaha — Rasheeda Adams’ side which she has been narrating to the world right after their divorce, Ras Mubarak’s side which he shared a few hours ago and then the truth — which no one has ever heard of.

And since we do not know the plain truth, I choose to stick to Rasheeda and Ras’ sides of the story thrown on the internet for some of us to feed on. Rasheeda’s side of the story is that Ras Mubarak is a wife-beater who abused her severally when they were married — and if that is true, then Ras Mubarak is one idiot politician who deserves to be thrown into jail. I do not condone abuse in relationships and marriages, it’s primitive.

And if Ras Mubarak’s side of the story that Rasheeda Adams was fixated with his bank account details and ATM pin codes at the time when he was busily campaigning to be retained in Parliament then Rasheeda is a modern-day gold-digger who came into his life for the money and power — and not for love. There is nothing wrong with a woman having access to her husband’s bank account details but when it becomes an obsession then there is obviously a bad hidden motive.

That portion of Ras Mubarak’s write up reads;

“Which “correct woman” would ask her husband to release his pin codes and bank details in the event he dies? Only Rasheeda Adams. If she wants to be exposed to the phoney manipulator that she is, let her continue on that trajectory of dragging my name in the mud.

From a woman who was so fixated with my bank details and pin codes at a time I was busy fighting to win an election, I ordinarily would have treated her with the contempt she deserves, but for the red line she crossed in attempting to say she suffered what #Lilian most unfortunately suffered in the hands of her husband”.

Ras Mubarak also claimed that Rasheeda Adams who has been ranting on social media about women empowerment was on his neck to fire his Personal Assistant (a woman) and make her (Rasheeda) his Personal Assistant of which he refused.

“One of the biggest points of disagreements – which she brought up regularly, was why I refused to yield to her demands to sack my secretary. Yes. She insisted I sacked my personal secretary so I could hire my wife as my secretary. (So much for a women’s Right champion, aye)? The request was so preposterous I couldn’t wrap my “good-governance” and socialist head around it. Nepotism 101. The shame and embarrassment I would have brought to myself, family, party and country, – that I sacked a poor civil servant and made my wife my PS. I couldn’t let myself and my president down. We were under siege by our government’s critics over all manner of things”.

Rasheeda Adams is yet to respond to Ras Mubarak’s long write up about what led to their marriage break up — and his write up is on the heels of Rasheeda dragging him over the case of a Ghanaian businessman, Prince Charles Dedjoe, allegedly beating his wife to death.

From Ras Mubarak’s account, you can judge for yourself the kind of woman Rasheeda Adams is. And the question is, why has she deleted her post dragging Ras Mubarak and tagging him as a wife-beater?


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