Reggie Rockstone gets on Archipalago’s bad books after Reggie labeled ‘Megye’ track as wack


Ghanaian instagram vlogger based in the US, Archipalago, has been in the news lately after the release of his ‘wack’ debut album, ‘Megye’. The song has garnered more dislikes than likes on YouTube. 

Many Ghanaians including Celebrities have trolled Archipalago since then and as vociferous as he is, he has responded to these trolls. 

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The latest victim of Archipalago’s wrath is hiplife legend Reggie Rockstone after the latter made comments which didn’t go down well with the former. 

Commenting the song, Reggie Rockstone explained that after listening to the song and looking at it blow up, he would want Archipelago to know that music is like food; if you don’t know how to cook it, you don’t talk about it.


(I always tell all this! Music be like food! I no like garden egg stew but my wife loves it! To each dema own but the question is if u no fit cook any u really shud not tawk too much)”

Archipalago wasn’t happy about Reggie’s comment and replied: “@reggierockstone711 Grandpa so what are you trying to say??? huh”

Archipalago, still not satisfied with his response to Reggie Rockstone, went ahead to make a video. In the video, he stated that if he had started music with Reggie, he would have been better than him. 

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He then sent out a word of caution to Reggie to watch his mouth else he won’t like his response. 

Watch the video below:


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