REVEALED: Shatta Wale to lead Ghana’s team to face Naija’s team in Ghana Meets Naija 2019

Ghana Meets Naija
Ghana Meets Naija

Ghana Meets Naija

Exclusive information reaching has it that Ghana’s dancehall King, Shatta Wale will lead Ghana’s team at this year’s Ghana Meets Naija.

The official launch for the event will take place today at the Tang Palace Events Center where Ghana’s team captain would be announced.

The ‘Gringo’ hitmaker is one of Ghana’s top performers with the largest fan base in the country. And there’s no doubt that his inclusion in this year’s edition will definitely win Ghana the title.

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Bola Ray counted his loses when he decided to take out one of Ghana’s top strikers from last year’s event. It will be recalled that the 2017 edition saw Shatta Wale lead Ghana’s team and Ghana experienced a flawless victory. 

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The Ghana Meets Naija brand, organized by Empire Entertainment headed by business tycoon and media personality, Bola Ray, has grown so much so that the rivalry that exists between the two countries in soccer has been adopted. 

Moving forward, Ghana’s team will be called the Music Black Stars whilst Nigeria’s team will be the Music Super Eagles. 


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