Rodney Appiah hoping to maintain dad’s legacy


Great footballers always love to see their legacies maintained even after they had hanged their boot.

It is even more exciting when they see their son’s doing it at the highest level.

In the case of former Black Stars captain, Stephen Appiah, his second son Rodney Appiah is hoping to maintain his long standing as respected legacy in football across the world.

Appiah is one of the respected footballers and has always been hailed by many with his leadership qualities.

Born in Udinese, Rodney Appiah started his career at Juventus Academy as a midfielder before playing till 19 years.

Rodney believes the support of one of the most loved former footballer’s in Ghana will help him rise to the top.

“With the support of my dad and everything, I already saw myself going to make it.

“I just grew up watching him and learning from him and see how the Ghanaians love him and everything so I also wanted to feel the same way so that Ghanaians will also love me as well,” he told 3Sports.

Growing up under a father who is a passionate footballer and a global icon, Rodney had no choice than to play football and hope excel.

He signed for Great Olympics in the second transfer window and has been loved already by the coaches.

“I felt I had no choice than to play football, but I realized afterwards that I was good at it so why don’t I do it.

“Begining was very hard but right now I have improved a lot, the coaches and staff and everybody are liking me, they always want me to play with them and stuff, so I think I’m doing very well over here.

“I need to work extremely hard because I am playing with older people – people who are more experienced and stronger than me, so I just have to work very hard,” he indicated.

Knowing the legacy of his dad and the level he played to, the young Midfielder is hoping to even play better than him and it is one thing his dad is pushing him to achieve.

“Obviously I will try my best to play way better than him, play well on the field so that I don’t destroy our name or anything, he just keeps telling me to have fun on the pitch, I should just be myself but not like him and pray alot,

“I like it when there is pressure on me, i won’t panic or anything, I will just do what I can do,” he added.

Rodney Appiah will be in line to make his debut for Accra Great Olympics when they play Asante Kotoko in Week 20 of the Ghana Premier League.



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