Sacked UNILAG lecturer, Dr. Boniface caught in ‘s*x for grades’ video rushed to the hospital for allegedly attempting to take his life


Sacked lecturer of the University of Lagos, Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu who was implicated in BBC’s “s*x for grades” video has been admitted in a local hospital after he allegedly attempted to commit suicide.

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Dr. Boniface’s world and all his years of hard work seemed to collapse right before his eyes after hardcore evidence showed him attempting to lure a female student into s*xual activity. 

On the back of this, he just lost his job with the University of Lagos. This was contained in a press release from the university who has suspended him and barred him from the University’s academic area. 

The church in which he Pastors has also relieved him of all ministerial duties with immediate effect. 

This apparently seems to be too much fire in his head as he has allegedly attempted to end his life.

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Dr. Boniface was rushed to the Reddington Hospital after he was found on the floor unconscious with bubbles in his mouth. 



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