Sad Video: Suspected Ghanaian gay stripped naked and beaten to a pulp


The public debate on legalizing the rights of Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) has become topical over the last few days after the successful commissioning of an office in Tesano Accra.

The Kwabenya Traditional Council declared war against the minority people involved in the act and threatened to burn down a house in Ashongman which was allegedly housing some people suspected to be gays.

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Upon an official complaint by the Traditional Council, security personal led by the police raided the house and locked up the place which is currently under police surveillance for further investigations.

However, a sad video has surfaced online, where a man suspected to be gay has been stripped naked on a street and beaten to a pulp by a mob in an unknown location.

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The commentary in the video suggests that it happened in a Fante land and our team of language experts have disclosed that it may have happened in a community occupied by Takoradi people due to the language spoken in the video.

It is immediately not known whether he was caught in the act but this is an abuse of his right and condemnable for people to subject LGBTQI’s to inhumane treatment.

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Meanwhile, discussions are ongoing for the legalisation of its operation but the majority seems to be in good stead for the criminalization of the abominable act as per Ghanaian customs, traditions and laws.

Kindly click here to watch the video


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