Saddick Adams shares his story and how the journey has been for him so far

Saddick Adams

Celebrated sports journalist Saddick “Obama” Adams has taken to social media to share the story of his journey so far. And from his account, things have not been easy one bit.

However, no one has ever boasted of a smooth journey; it has always been the case where you have to fight for what you want.

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Saddick Adams who is currently head of sports at Angel FM – Accra took to Facebook to share his story.

Read his story below…

“So i just got reminded, next month will be exactly Seven years since I first joined Angel FM 96.1 in Kumasi. That was June 2013. I was only a producer then. In fact one of the members of the production team. The sports crew there had all left the station leaving Michael Darko aka Summer as the only presenter available. All Sports programmes on the station came to a halt for two weeks. Summer decided to restart the programmes but thought he needed a producer to help him. He had been a friend for a long time so fell on me”.

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“Gave me a call to come and support him at Angel. No contract, no salary, no guarantees. I was leaving Sunyani to Kumasi as a producer? Meanwhile, I was enjoying everything there is in Sunyani, my comfort zone. Accolades, freebies and audience. Why’d anyone do that? Leaving Sunyani as one of the top presenters in the region to become a member of the production team in Kumasi? With absolutely no guarantees? Thought about it, prayed over it and decided to go for it”.

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“What happened was that, I’d leave Sunyani with Metro Mass first bus at 4am, arrive in Kumasi on time to produce Summer for the Morning Sports. I’d wait to produce the evening sports and then set off to Sunyani again. Sometimes, I’d arrive in Sunyani around 10pm just to start preparations for the next day’s journey. Did this because I had no accommodation in Kumasi then, and didn’t want to bother anyone”.

“I sleep in Sunyani, wake up and travel for work in Kumasi. This continued from June to September 2013. I became very popular at the Metro Mass Station and among the staff because I bought tickets for particular seats just so I don’t miss the 4:00am from Sunyani and 5:00pm from Kumasi. My most popular friend there, “Mr Fosu Idiot”. These were four months of real stress and one of the toughest periods in my life. But no regrets”.

“Sometimes when I didn’t have enough money, the mosque at Islamic School, Abrepo Junction became my home. Will sleep inside the mosque with my student bag as pillow, wake up early to bath and walk to Angel FM. I just had to carry out my work without anyone noticing how I was doing it. Despite these challenges, I gave in my all. Sometimes when Summer does his presentation and there’s little time to spare, he’d invite me to say a word or two before we wrap up. Those two-three minute opportunities were the fulfillment. Me! to talk on one of the best sports stations in the country then? What a dream come true!”

The days I’d talk, I even forget I had no money on me. Summer’s impact was great. Later on, Bright Kankam Boadu and crew made a come back to Angel. I was at the mercy of Kankam to either keep me or reject me as a member of his team. He may not have noticed the kind of agony I was going through. Days of apprehension on his decision. My biggest fear was being told to go back to Sunyani, when everyone there knew I had been employed by Angel (when I was not).

What an embarrassment this would be, my God! Finally, Kankam said I could stay around. Weeks of opportunities later, he said he wanted me on the panel. I worked my socks off chale. Production, commentary, analysis, reporting, stand in host and even featured on political shows.

It was until October 2013, somewhere around the Ghana vs Egypt famous 6-1 qualifier, that I finally got regularized. Got paid monthly and got a room for myself. A lot of sweat had gone into that….

Only Eighteen months into Angel FM, I got some offers.

Three from Kumasi based radio stations and one from Accra. Thought about education and other opportunities and decided to settle with Atinka FM in Accra. Dr Kwaku Oteng and Bronzy met me at the Golden Tulip in Kumasi. I thanked them profusely for the opportunity, explained to then why I needed to move on to Accra. Was peacefully agreed. I was proud of how I moved from being one of the producers to getting the millionaire owner sit me down for negotiations. Exactly five years later, I returned to the same family, let’s say more prouder than the first entry. Believe in yourself. Challenge yourself”.

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Grace, humility, hard-work, honesty and a lot of crazy risks.

I may or may not leave this industry soon but it’s been an interesting learning ride.

God has been good.

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Credit: Saddick Adams


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