Salma Mumin Apologizes to MTN Ghana For Lying To The Public That MTN Fraudulently Deducted GHC 10,000 From Her Business Account


Salma Mumin has shamefully mastered the courage to apologize to MTN Ghana for lying against the multi-national company over claims that the company fraudulently deducted a whooping GHC 10,000 from her business account.

In a social media post on Tuesday, the actress cum entrepreneur boastfully claimed people shouldn’t take MTN seriously if they keep advertising that no one can have access to your Momo account without your concern because she has fallen victim to the scam like many others.

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Her post generated a lot of concerns among social media users which eventually caught the attention of the biggest telecommunication network in Ghana who were forced to issue a rejoinder to the effect.

MTN didn’t take the allegation lightly to the extent of publishing that the said amount was not in the business account in the first place and therefore demand an apology from the actress and be sued in the next 24 hours.

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The tone of the rejoinder has shaken the ”Walls of Jericho” with the actress left with no option than to retract and apologise for misleading the public.

Salma has therefore taken to the same medium she made the unfortunate post to retract and apologise unreservedly for all the inconveniences she has caused the company.

See a screenshot of her apology below


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