See the new price list for your favorite FanMilk products as FanYogo goes up by 20p

Prices of Fan yogurt goes up

Following the increase in public transport fares and electricity and water tariffs, FanYogo Ghana have also announced an increase in their yoghurt product. 

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FanYogo Ghana made the announcement on their official Facebook page where they announced the increase Yoghurt, which was sold at GHC1.00 is now going for GHC1.20 .

Their post reads; “Just a little more so we can keep giving you more”.

Just a little more so we can keep giving you more.

Posted by FanYogo Ghana on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

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Tele-communication companies also announced a tariff increase of 9% on every recharge. And it is deducted frowhich is deducted from the amount bought. 


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