See viral photos of a new born baby girl wearing heavy makeup

New baby with heavy makeup
New born baby with makeup

A viral photo of a newborn baby in heavy makeup has gone viral amidst negative reviews from the general public. 

The little baby girl has become very popular although the mother who did this is not known.

In the viral photo, the baby girl is spotted in heavily drawn eyebrows outlined carefully with concealer. She also has foundation on her cheeks and dark berry full lips. 

However, many social media commentators has expressed disappointment in the makeup.

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According to them, the chemicals in the product could react negatively with the baby’s tender skin which could have serious ramifications on her health. 

Experts have also added their voices and according to them, applying makeup on a baby is wrong; particularly because babies already suffer from skin conditions and the makeup could worsen it.

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These skin conditions usually come up as a result of hormonal imbalances leading to clogged pores. Hence, making up would only worse such conditions.



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