Shatta Wale, the only Living Legend in Africa who respects and obeys his fans

Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale kisses the hand of a fan

Have you ever heard that Shatta Movement (SM) fans are the most loyal fan base in Africa? Have you also heard people asking why SM fans are serious with Shatta Wale? And I believe you might have come across the saying that SM fans are illiterates, have you asked yourself why? 

The answer is simple, SM fans are serious about Shatta Wale because anytime they see him, they see hope; they see motivation, they see love and respect. And in relation to the notion that SM fans are illiterates, regard it as a fallacy; it’s a topic to be discussed on another date.

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Shatta Movement fans have shown and proved their loyalty to Shatta Wale and are willing to do anything for him hence the slogan “4lyf is 4lyf and 4lyf is our life”. The following facts will answer the above questions asked; 

1. Shatta Movement Fans Awards:

Shatta Wale is the only African artiste who has organized an award scheme to award his fans. In 2016, Shatta Wale awarded his fans with iPhones, laptops and cash for supporting him. And one fan, Sekeley Moses who emerged as the ultimate winner was adjudged as the Most Loyal Fan and got away with a Toyota Camry. 

2. Thanksgiving Concert:

Shatta Wale in 2018 organized 2 events; The Reign Concert (The Reign Album Launch) and the Thanksgiving Concert. 

In 2018, Shatta Movement Fans asked Shatta Wale to organize a thanksgiving concert in December because they felt left out when Stonebwoy and Sarkodie were hosting Bhim to the world concert and Rapperholic respectively. Shatta Wale listened to his fans and organized a free concert at Manste Agbona. And in fact, SM fans asked Shatta to host it on the same day Stonebowy was hosting his show, and he obeyed. On that day, Shatta Wale performed the whole night and ended at 6:30am. Why won’t the fans be proud and do anything for him?

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3.The Reign Album symbol: 

In the build up to his Reign Album launch, Shatta Wale asked his fans to use the Reign symbol to enrich themselves, and we saw the fans using the symbol to print T-shirts, phone covers, bags, slip-ons, key holders, socks, pens, books and hats. 

All these monies went into the pockets of his fans and Shatta Wale never asked for a percentage from the sales.

4. Tuesday Market For SM:

Shatta Wale has found different ways to support his fans enrich themselves. And one of the ways was to use his strong brand to promote businesses of his fans on his timeline. He has created a Facebook page (Tuesday Market For SM) purposely to promote products and services of Shatta Movement fans.

5. The Return of Shatta Wale to VGMA:

As a listening KING, he didn’t think twice when his fans asked him to go back to VGMA 2019. The fans asked him to go and prove Ghanaians wrong and he did. The fans was satisfied and happy with him hence the massive votes during voting; so many SM fans spent good money to buy credit and voted. 

6. Reign Concert (why Stonebowy and Samini was not allowed to perform)

Shatta Wale, has shown on several occasions that he doesn’t do anything without approval from his Shatta Movement; and he proved it in 2018 during his performance at the Reign Album launch. He (Shatta Wale) paused in the middle of his performance and asked his fans “I have heard there are some people at backstage who want to perform, should I allow them to come”? And the crowd unanimously chanted; “No they should go home”. Shatta then said; “Bulldog, have you heard the fans? Let them go home”. The fans started clapping in happiness and danced with joy on their faces, why won’t a fan of such an artiste die for him? 

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I believe by now this question “why are SM fans mad and serious about Shatta Wale and willing to do anything for him” has been answered. Shatta Wale does everything with his fans and he never make moves without the approval of his fans.

Meanwhile, there is a saying “to be a Shatta Movement fan is a Calling”. This simply means if you are not loyal, you can never be part of the movement and if you can’t endure pressure then go and join a different movement. 

And as a die hard fan, I say “4lyf is 4lyf and 4lyf is my life”.

– Mensah Ayartey


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