Sister Derby said that Lydia Forson is fat and broke so she can’t be her friend – Medikal reveals

Lydia Forson
     Lydia Forson and Sister Derby

Medikal, member of AMG gang and ex-boyfriend of Sister Derby has thrown another bomb. But this time round, he targeted two people; Sister Derby and Lydia Forson. 

In a new track diss track which is more messy than the initial ones, he revealed that Sister Derby caller her friend Lydia Forson “fat” and “broke”. 

Here are some lines in the new diss song he has titled “Open Letter”.

This sh*t is very sad but damn

Same person you say she dey follow follow you

Too fat to be your friend

Way she never get koko [money] too

You say nobody go like marry am

It’s not my biz

I just dey shock how things dey turn now

The only reason he would want to drag Lydia Forson into the mud is because she took to social media to jab her friend Sister Derby gd dating a guy who lies for a living or a Sakawa boy. 

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Ever since the relationship between the two ex-lovers went cold, there have been jabs and counter jabs from them with Sister Derby beginning the whole episode. 

She started by throwing the first shot in her diss track “Kakalika Love”, describing Medikal and his newly found love Fella Makafui as cockroaches.

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Medikal didn’t waste time as he responded quickly with a freestyle he titled “Ah Wada” where he confirmed his relationship with Fella and shaded Derby in the process. He also did another one with King Promise titled “Ayekoo”. 

Medikal has followed it up with another banger where he threw subliminal shots at his ex and dragged Lydia Forson into it.

He claimed Sister Deborah once fat-shamed Lydia Forson while they were dating and called her broke among other secret conversations.




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