SM fan tattoos the “Reign” symbol on his forehead, thereby causing a stir on social media

SM fan with the Reign album symbol tattooed at his forehead

The craze for everything Shatta Wale has taken new heights as a “crazy” Shatta Movement fan has dented his face for life with Shatta Wale’s Reign album symbol. 

In a picture shared on Shatta Wale’s Facebook page, the die hard fan has the symbol on the left corner of his forehead together with the inscriptions “SM for life”.  

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The picture which Shatta Wale captioned “The Spirit of God is talking” has garnered wide spread condemnation from a section of social media users, describing the act by the die hard fan as “illogical”.  

There have been some recent body markings from SM fans around the world including a latest one from a fan based in the UK, who inscribed the words “Shatta Wale is alive” after the President of the largest fan base in Ghana crossed December 2018 into January 2019, contrary to what some prophets had prophesied. 

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Another fan, a female, earlier tattooed the Reign album sign on her breast, just before the launch of the much publicized album. And from the new pictures we are seeing, I guess there’s more to come. 


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