Stonebwoy told Mr. Drew to sort out copyright issues before releasing ‘Eat’


Dancehall artiste Stonebowy has revealed that he advised Mr. Drew to sort out copyright issues relating to his ‘Eat’ song before it is released.

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Mr. Drew’s latest single ‘Eat’ featuring Stonebwoy was recently pulled down by YouTube after American singer, songwriter and actor, Rotimi filed a formal complaint for copyright Infringements.

According to Stonebwoy, he only got on the song as a way to support Mr. Drew: and also because he fell in love with the song when he came across it on Instagram.

Mr. Drew recently stated on Hit FM that the Bhim nation President Stonebwoy was well aware that the song was not an original one; and still opted to be on it.

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However, Stonebwoy denied the claims and explained that he only got to know the song was a cover after he recorded his verse. Hence when he got to know, he advised him (Mr. Drew) to seek permission from the original composer because recording cover songs was not a new thing in the industry.

“I did not know the song was a cover. I hit him up on Instagram because I liked it and he’s Kaywa’s boy. So I did it to support him”,

“It is not even Kaywa who called me because he knows I’m super busy and I did it (collaborate with Mr. Drew) because I always want to help. So if trouble has bounced back I think they should even reiterate the love that I have shown them on this thing”.

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“I finish recording my verse in my house and when I was playing it out loud my brother told me that the song may be someone’s song; so I asked him to play the original song. When he played the beat of the original song I realized that it was the same. I reached out to him again via Instagram and asked him which he confirmed, I told him to do what he had to do because people do record cover songs,” Stonebowy told host Andy Dosty.


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