Stranded Tamale Travellers Threaten to Boycott Africa World Airline



Stranded Passengers of the Africa World Airline at Tamale have threatened to boycott the first flight supposed to leave to Accra today.

These travellers at the Northern Region have been stranded at the Airport at Tamale after the flight they booked to Accra was cancelled.

According to the passengers, their flight was cancelled late Thursday night.

Some of the passengers, also mentioned that they were scheduled to board Africa World Airline, flight number 169 on Thursday evening but the flight was cancelled due to operational challenges.

“After they collected our luggage and did all the checking, we were ready to board the flight only for them to tell us that they are sorry but the flight has been cancelled,” one of the stranded passengers lamented.

According to him, the authorities had assured them that they were going to fix the problem, only for them to receive a text from the flight managers around 1:00 am on Friday that they are sorry because they can’t arrange a new flight with its accompanying excuses.

“We thought when we come here today (Friday)”, we will be prioritized but all they told us was that the first flight has been booked so there’s nothing they can do about it,” he said.

He added that they do not have any other alternative to enable them get to Accra as most of them have exhausted their money on Hotel fees and the flight’s fares.

“They are not telling us anything meaningful, they should tell us the alternative”, he lamented.

The authorities are yet to officially comment on the issue.


Source:Joy News


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