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VIDEO: Guy turns violent after his girlfriend turned down his public marriage proposal

In a video sighted by, a guy turned violent after his girlfriend turned down his marriage proposal to her in public. READ ALSO: I have done worse things in life than my nude pictures that went viral – Christabel Ekeh The guy who looked very optimistic about the proposal felt …

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LIFESTYLE: 5 interesting signs that tell you your ex still loves you

These signs tell that your ex still loves you;  They Make An Effort To Keep The Conversation Going When It Starts To Die Out.  They Can’t Help But Touch You.  They Respond To Your Messages Promptly.  Proximity To You (Physically And Electronically).  They Are Willing To Try Things You Like.  …

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LIFESTYLE: What to do when your partner cheats on you

So, you’ve been with your partner or spouse for years. You’re great together. You feel that he/she is your soulmate. And then, something unthinkable happens out of the blue. Your so-called “soulmate” was unfaithful. Whether you found out about the cheating yourself or a concerned friend told you about it, …

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LIFESTYLE: Must you ever contact your ex girlfriend after a breakup?

Should you contact your ex girlfriend? That’s the “million dollar question.” If your goal is to win her over again, then most “relationship experts” will tell you that you shouldn’t contact her for a period of time. While this information is mostly accurate, not communicating with your ex girlfriend will …

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