The Church of Pentecost knows very well that Cecilia Marfo is occultist – Brother Sammy

Cecilia Marfo and Brother Sammy
Cecilia Marfo and Brother Sammy
Brother Sammy
                            Brother Sammy

The nation’s worship, Brother Sammy, has alleged that the leadership of the Church of Pentecost knew very well that Cecilia Marfo was an occultists, that’s why they banished her from the church. 

Known in real life as Samuel Opoku, Brother Sammy made these revelations on the back of accusations that the “Afunum Ba” hitmaker connived with her junior pastor to bury a 50-cedi with the names of some Ghanaian gospel musicians on it in a ritual to bury their career as alleged by Cecilia’s junior pastor.

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But brother Sammy has reacted to the allegations by saying he now understands why the Church of Pentecost expelled her. He added that the church knew she was into occultism but did not make it public.

Some months ago, Cecilia Marfo, at one of her programs in Kumasi, slapped Brother Sammy who was billed for the program on stage and accused him of occultism. 

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He further recalled an incident that took place at this program. According to Brother Sammy, Cecilia Marfo at the said program spat out phlegm for men to eat with the explanation that it’s the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Samuel Opoku also added that Cecilia Marfo lashes people in her church.



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