The Difference between Shatta Movement and the rest

A section of Shatta Movement Family

Fans of shatta wale will always post/tweet his works/craft. They make sure they mount proper and better defense anytime his brand comes under attack. And when it come to trends on Twitter they strategically trend important hashtags which will benefit him.

You will never see Shatta Movement trending hashtags like #MajestyIsEatingJollof , #ShattaIsBathing , #ShattaJollof , #ShattaMichyIsBack, #ShattaIsSleeping etc That’s why you don’t see Shatta traveling around the world to seek for collabo or gigs this is so because when organizers or promoters are looking for artiste with correct fanbase. A fanbase that will give an excellent result and one example of such good results is the Tropical House, Cruises to Jamaica.

But what do you see from the other side? So so unnecessary post and tweets which brings nothing or adds anything to their artiste’s brand. You get to Twitter in the morning and you see trends like #TitiIsBetterThanShatta , #TracyJollof , #SarkodieIsBathing , #AngelGetsNewTatoo, #ShattaIsBitter #SarkodieJollof and at the end they brag to be the greatest fan base in Ghana

As for the Anloga boys de3 they don’t deserve to be mentioned, in fact they are not counted. For this fan base they don’t do anything for their artiste their only delight is audiomack streams(20 million streams= 1,000 cedis 🤣🤣🤣)

Mensay Ayartey (Weapon)


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