The thin line that separates ‘fashion’ and ‘madness’

The thin line that separates ‘fashion’ and ‘madness’

Have you ever come across a ‘mad’ person on the street with tattered clothing exposing parts of their bodies including their vitals? And immediately you saw them, you knew the person was mentally ill? 

I believe you have also met ‘sane’ people in tattered clothing (example, tear-tear jeans) before. And you were like; “wow, this person is trendy”. 

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Then where do we draw the line between what is meant for the ‘sane’ and what is meant for the ‘insane’. Or are we now using ‘fashion’ as a coverup to dress like ‘mad’ people? 

I just came across a video of a white female performer in ‘strange’ clothing. I’ll call it strange because I probably haven’t seen or imagined anything of this sort in my entire life. 

See screenshots below…

For this female performer, she wore a slim fit dress with over 70% of the fabric cut off; thereby exposing most parts of her body. One good thing is that she had her vajayjay and n!pples covered up. But hey, this dress looks to me like that of a ‘mad’ person. 

And I’m pretty sure she had it carefully thought through and designed by a fashion designer. 

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So now, if we have fashion designers spending time to design ‘insane’ people’s clothing for ‘sane’ people, then I can confidently conclude that there is only a thin line separating modern fashion trends and ‘madness’. 

NB: This writeup is only meant to criticize the atire in the picture for educational purposes; and is not meant to attack the performer donning it. 

– Kwamina D3XTR🧐


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