These are 7 outstanding reasons why women fall for men that cheat


I’m not going to applaud double dating in any way here, but there are very significant qualities that double dating men have that actually allow them the ability to double-date and still stay focused on life.

There is this common notion that vissionless, senseless, mannerless, and better yet, reckless, are men who double-date. But let’s not let our rationality be overridden by emotions. In every left direction, there is a right and in every right path, there is a left and hence these wonderful traits possessed by guys who have double dates.

Character No. 1
Guys who double-date are naturally smart:

Do I make that sound again? Naturally, they’re clever. This is why, at the same time, they will have up to four women in their lives, and still they are both content and relaxed. Although it’s hard for some guys to keep only one woman, others find it tough to even approach the world’s ugliest women. But to get another gorgeous girl, when you already have three to four, needs extra smartness.

  1. Character

Naturally, guys who have double dates are handsome.

Yeah, it is often said that men go after what they see while they imitate what they say, but in the actual sense, since they are not facially encouraging, certain men have missed their dating opportunities. As a general adage stating that ‘eyes feed before the taste of the lips,’ many young people would fall over and over again for an attractive boy, even though they knew he was cheating.

These women are so fortunate to be on his girlfriend’s list, they don’t even care whether or not he’s taking care of them. This may explain why, because women even date them, many incredibly beautiful men wind up being promiscuous. They don’t have to meet any ladies, they sometimes simply run away from people, yet they end up getting seduced.

The No. 3 character

The double date guys are cheerful:

Have you ever used this phrase before, ‘Casanova’? In most instances, Casanova is the name of guys who have double dates. The term came from a young Italian man whose nickname was Casanova. He became so popular among women, and his name became synonymous with ‘womanizer’. But guess what, he was a writer and described himself as being joyful, handsome, his parents’ only child and a soft talker. This were the attributes that made him exceptional, and while his reputation became internationally recognised as a womanizer, women nevertheless followed him around.

Character No. 4
Guys who double-date are naturally caring
It might surprise you to hear that most guys who have double dates sometimes get entangled in relationships they don’t hear about. Their tender, loving approach to others makes it easier for women to believe that they are interested in them. They care so much for you sometimes that you can see them spending another moment with another guy. This is why, without thinking, they often make enemies because it seems people demand a lot from them than they have to give.

Character Nr. 5

Guys who have a double date are hustlers born. They wind up becoming rich ones.

Responsibility has an irony in it. They drive you against the wall while you have a handful of obligations. They’re dragging you out of bed, and they’re trying to make you head out to the street to hustle. Although their hustles are not always any sort of menial work, but just to thrive, they do a lot. They may not be buying cars for all of their ladies, but at least for the moments they need to sit with them, they make sure they retain them. So for them to meet these ladies, before they make it, they’re hustling for money.

Character Nr. 6

Double-date guys are born jealous,

Jealousy is an ingredient of passion that is genuine and true. That’s why the holy book of the Bible even spoke of God as a selfish God. He did not want his people, together, to worship him and another Deity.

Any man who dates twice has that specific girl with whom he doesn’t joke. There’s one that ‘s unique, one in a million, one that none of his peers will be able to cross. They are the ones who might try to kill themselves merely because he and another guy saw his favorite girls. It eats them up and keeps them waiting to loosen. So, while they may not be loyal, they would do anything for the person they really love only to make sure they don’t look aside.

Character Nr. 7

Double-dating guys make good husbands.

Before you cast the stone, please hear me out. Most people will tell you that double dating makes it easier for them to observe women and appreciate what they desire. This is a perfect truth. Women are among the most complicated beings on Earth, and you can end up dissatisfied if you don’t research them.


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