This is what to expect tonight as Anas premieres latest exposé


Ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas is set to premiere another exposè of self-acclaimed Doctors selling fake drugs for the dreaded coronavirus.

In a trailer released earlier today, a certain Dr. Abdellah praised himself for having a cure for Covid-19 which no country has found an approved cure yet. He claimed he is 99.9% sure that his medicine is the cure but was quick to admit that it is not for sale in order to avoid arrest by the police.

The undercover journalist visited Dr. Abdellah with his secret camera pretending his younger brother is suffering from Covid-19 and needed a cure for his brother. The narrative then changed as Dr. Abdellah bragged that he’s given out the medicine to a lot of patients who have given them positive feedbacks.

Another Nigerian Prophetess, Oluwaniyi is seen holding some green leaves claiming she has found a cure to the virus that has taken millions of lives worldwide.

The full video is scheduled to be broadcasted on BBC African Eye and subsequently be shown on some selected local TV stations in Ghana.

Watch full video below…..

Anas Is back

Anas exposes “doctors” selling fake Convid19 drugs 😢😢😢#SocietyNews#SocietyReact

Posted by Society Watch on Monday, June 29, 2020


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