This is why Stonebwoy and Kinaata are ungrateful; Samini deserves better from the two.


Emmanuel Andrew Samini is the CEO of record label High Grade Family who rose through the ranks of the defunct Trinity music group which comprised of K.K. Fosu, Kokoveli and the good old Batman, now Samini.

The group were in their prime in the year 2000 but unfortunately parted ways after dominating radio airwaves with their back to back hit songs. They all started their solo projects and I have no doubt that Samini is the most relevant amongst them as at now.

Samini as a solo singer has many accolades to his credit both locally and internationally. With good intentions for others, he started a record label with his little money and with knowledge in music, scouted some talents to give them exposure to the mainstream industry.

Stonebwoy and Kofi Kinaata have benefitted enormously through Samini’s High Grade Family. I have no doubt in my mind that Shatta Wale was smart enough to benefit from Samini even though he is not and has not been a member of the label.

It is no secret that, Stonebwoy and Kinaata have been less grateful or ungrateful. With all the recognition the two have enjoyed over the years, there hasn’t been a single time that they have reached out to their former boss to say, ’Oh boss today de33 take this coins den take buy airtime mpo’. Samini has celebrated only God knows how many birthdays but it is not on a single record that any of the two have sent someone to even present a common birthday cake on their behalf.

In all these, the legendary Samini hasn’t complained in the public space. But surprisingly, the two who rose through the same rank do not have the temperament to be treated same way. It is an open secret that Stonebwoy feels Kelvyn Boy is ungrateful for all he’s done for him but the question is, does Stonebwoy have a single material thing to show in a form of appreciation to Samini.

Kofi Kinaata in a recent interview stated emphatically that, he will take monies from underground arts if they reach out to him for a collabo. In was in a response to the public outcry that Sarkodie has not helped enough young arts.

Samini deserves better but both Stonebwoy and Kinaata only show appreciation on social media forgetting that they came from afar. One good turn deserves another.


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