Traumatized Non-posted Teachers Call For Help


Non-Posted Trained Teachers of Ghana are agitated over the delay of posting by the Ghana Education Service.

The newly trained teachers, who have not heard any news about their posting since September seem to be massively disturbed with this development.

It has been reported that there are about 4000 individuals who fall within this category some of whom are graduates of the College of Education.

According to him, some people were posted with others denied posting because they failed some of their papers.

The PRO of the Non- Posted Trained Teachers association mentioned that although they have fulfilled the requirement of the Ghana Education Service like resitting some papers, the Ministry has still not posted any of them yet.

The PRO mentioned that, he believes the reluctance of GES could be a restriction from a superior authority.

He stated that they are willing to embark on a demonstration on Monday to ensure that their grievances are heard.



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