VIDEO: Angry female customer urinates in the middle of banking hall

Angry female customer
Angry female customer urinates in the middle of banking hall

A video sighted by shows a frustrated female customer of a bank urinating right in the middle of the banking hall to the amazement of staff and other customers present. 

Snippets of information reaching have it that the woman was at the bank for a transaction and needed a place to urinate. However, a staff who she approached for direction to a washroom kept on giving her excuses upon excuses because they were not willing to release the keys to her. 

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After one hour and unable to hold on to her bladder, she did the unthinkable; she brought her panties down and urinated right in the middle of the banking hall.

The video has generated a lot of reactions from social media users who don’t understand the reason why a bank will not make their washroom available for customers who need to use them. 

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Others people think that the woman should have walked out of the bank to ease herself in a public facility outside the bank since the banking staff were not willing to let her use their facility. 

The identity of the woman and name of the bank are not known for now.

Watch video below…



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