VIDEO: Becca’s husband is up to something, that’s why he is clearing everyone around her – Appiatus


Veteran music producer Appaitus has angrily warned Becca’s husband to make sure that nothing bad happens to her. 

In a video sighted by, the beat maker angrily quizzed why Becca’s husband is making sure everyone close to her is out of the way. 

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According to him, the only explanation for such a behavior from Becca’s husband is because he is up to something; else he won’t try to make Becca see everyone around her as a bad person apart from himself. 

“what is the guy afraid of. He is definitely afraid of something. He is up to something”, Appiatus angrily quizzed. 

Issue concerning Becca and her biological mum became public knowledge when her mum made some startling revelations during an interview with blogger Chris-Vincent Agyapong.

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Meanwhile, many have condemned her mothers approach to the issue. They felt that since it’s a family issue, she should have treated it as such instead of making it a matter for public discussion.

Watch the video below…


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