VIDEO: ‘Dancing teacher’ Percy Jackson invents new dance to learn a maths topic ‘Tens and Ones’

Percy Jackson teaching his pupils the new Tens and Ones dance move in class

Professional teacher popularly known for his ‘Omo Ada’ dance video with his students, Percy ‘Jackson’ Sackey has invented a smart way to memorize ‘Tens and Ones’ for lower primary pupils using a dance. 

Speaking to through a telephone conversation, the Creative Arts teacher, Percy explained that he thought it wise to invent a simple dance to help kids memorize the mathematics topic; Tens and Ones. 

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He said “…my method of teaching Tens and Ones in class is with a new dance move, so that kids will be able to recall it fast. Let’s take 70 for example, when you are teaching Tens and Ones in Mathematics, the first number is 7 (Tens) and the second number is 0 (Ones). So it came into mind that why don’t I use my left leg to indicate the Tens number (7) and the right to indicate the Ones number(0) since the Tens (7) and Ones (0) position is always constant everywhere”. 

“I decided to add more actions to make the dance interesting so that they can remember the position of Tens and Ones whenever they remember the Tens and Ones dance”, Percy added. 

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The young teacher has been featured on both local and international media outlets including BBC for his innovative ways of relating to his kids to increase their confidence in school.

Watch the dance below…


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