Video Evidence: Wendy Shay actually showed her “BLVCK” butts on stage

Wendy Shay
                               Wendy Shay

There are so many times we get away with certain vices, but when you actually have those things captured on camera, there is no hiding place for you. 

In a Facebook post yesterday, Wendy Shay vehemently denied that the picture that was circulated on social media, showing her “disgusting” butts and v?gin? was actually hers. According to her, the picture is a photoshop of the original. 

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However, a video circulating on social media has cleared all doubts, and has proven that the picture was indeed not a photoshop. 

In the video, Wendy is seen twerking and shaking her behind to the crowd and viola, the same “disgusting” under parts are seen again. 

See video below;


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